Friday, January 29, 2016


I know I haven't posted in forever. I was posting on Fridays, which meant I had get the posts ready on Thursday nights. Then, Thursdays became busy fairly regularly. And other things took over. 

But, I hope to be back. Hope.

Because life seems to have hit the pause button. Seems as all the major parts of my life are still. 
Nothing is happening.
And it's discouraging. And full of loneliness.

But isn't that when God usually works?
In the quietness of our hearts?
In the stillness of our souls?

So, that's been my word for this year. When I picked it at the beginning of December, I had no clue what God would be asking me to go through, how hard it would be to trust Him when I can't see or understand what He's doing. 

I trust Him, I believe He's working even when I can't see anything. 
And I will be still and wait.