Monday, April 29, 2013


I loved everyone's answers about the differences between parts of the country! Congrats to Sharon for winning. Vera, I LOVED your answer and wish I had two copies to give away.

Today I'm giving away Take a Chance on Me, which is another great book! I was given this book as a part of the launch team, so I do ask that if you enter, you will let other people know about the book or pass it along when you finish.

To enter to win, leave a comment about a time you took a chance on something. I took a chance when I tried sushi for the first time. I hated it. I also took a chance on applying to a new district this past year, and I landed an amazing job that I thought I didn't have a chance for!

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I'll pick a winner next week.
I can only ship to the US. (Those who have followed for a while know I'm on the Dave Ramsey plan and media mail to the US is the cheapest....and by the way, I'm two months away from paying off two more bills. YAY!)

Have a great week!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Take a Chance on Me: A Review

Product Details

Susan May Warren is one of the best at creating a family of characters that leaps off the pages. Rugged Derek is heir to the Christiansen family's resort and should be on the top of every eligible bachelor's list. But, he's not. Angry over his wife's death at the hand of his best friend, he's determined to focus on his son and reviving his family's business.

When Ivy Madison moves to town, looking for a place to call home after a childhood of jumping from foster placement to foster placement, she feels sorry for Derek when no one bids on him at bachelor's auction. On their date, sparks fly, but Ivy has a secret, one that could end their relationship before it starts.

Take a Chance on Me is a great start to a new spin-off series. While the book is a little long, mainly because it's two story lines in one, it's full of great characters. Darek and Jensen are flawed but strong heroes. I especially liked Jensen's story, full of pain and regret, and I hope he's in future books.

Most of all, I appreciate how Warren didn't gloss over their pain and anger with Christian platitudes but instead let their raw emotions carry the story.

The Christiansen family is lively and full of stories to come. I can't wait to see what happens next!

I received this book in exchange for my review. My thoughts are my own.

Monday, April 22, 2013


Congrats to Faith, who won a copy of Wings of Glass.
I'm sorry that I waited so long to pick a winner. Usually, I do it the next week, and to be honest, I have no excuse for not doing it Thursday. Well, my computer has randomly been crashing, which is frustrating.

Today, I'm giving away a copy of Til Grits Do Us Part. I loved this series, and I can't wait to see what Jennifer writes next.

To enter to win, leave a comment about what makes the South (or North) different? Grits is a Southern thing, and I know my mama likes them a certain way.  :) One thing I love about the South is that people are friendlier. Whenever I visit some cities up north, I'm usually shocked that the cashiers, riders on the subway, etc don't chit chat.  Maybe that's a Texas thing....

However, you can beat the weather our northern friends experience. We don't experience all four seasons down here, and it's always a pleasant surprise to have a cool front. I also love the historical aspect of the New England area. (See my posts on my love for Boston.)

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I will pick a winner next Monday.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Daddy's Gone A Hunting: A Review

I've been reading Mary Higgins Clark books since I was a teenager, and I'm a huge fan. However, I'm not sure what to think about her latest book.

It's hard to summarize the plot because there are several different story lines/threads/back stories that are woven together for a great plot. I liked all of the characters. Most are typical MHC....strong women who figure things out with the help of a few great guys.

Yet, something was a little off with the story. I don't know if it a few spots where the writing seemed off or that there wasn't a whole lot of action. It just didn't grip me  like most MHC books have in the past.

So, I enjoyed it. I liked the idea of several different people's lives being woven together. It just wasn't as good as I expect from The Queen of Suspense.

Monday, April 15, 2013


The news today about the bombs at the Boston Marathon hurts my heart. I fell in love with Boston the first time I visited. Its historic feel, beautiful buildings, and culture drew me in. On my first trip, I did all the tours of the city, but last summer, I spent a week just riding the subway and walking the city, soaking it in.

There are no words for what happened today. I can only rest in the knowledge that God is in control and He is just. May He draw us near. 

After looking at the pictures and praying for the injured and the families of those who passed away, I needed to think about the beauty of my favorite city to visit. 

I could only find a few pictures on my computer from my first trip. Thankfully, I have many scrapbook pages from the trip. 

On my first trip, we visited Harvard

I loved the parks and the cold weather!

My second trip was last summer, where I enjoyed browsing the Boston Public Library.

One of my favorite things about Boston is the blend of the old and the new. So beautiful!

A park I spent some time walking through last summer.

Boston is beautiful. This is not the first difficult time she's experienced, and it may not be the last. She'll remain strong and stand as a beacon of freedom. 
I hope to go back soon.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Congrats to Michelle for winning Talk of the Town. Today, I'm giving away Wings of Glass, which I thought was fantastic.

Today is my birthday (yay for cake), so to enter to win, leave me a comment about your most memorable birthday or what was your favorite age (so far).

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Once Upon a Prince: A Review

For the last twelve years, Susana has been waiting for her long-time boyfriend Adam to propose. When he takes her for a romantic walk on the beach to tell her that he found the right ring but not the right girl, she's devastated  not because of her love for him but because her lifelong plan fell apart. Will she find that God has a bigger plan than the one she made?

I like the theme of this book--waiting for God's best instead of settling. I liked Susana and Nathaniel. I felt Susana's turmoil as her life spiraled out of control with nothing going right...boyfriend dumps her, her business flounders, and her father becomes ill.  I enjoyed her family's dynamics, full of colorful characters. Nathaniel's family is also well-developed although not as likable.  They fit the stereotype royal family with traditions over feelings.

However, the book didn't grip me like Hauck's other books. I don't know what it was because it was a cute,  fun read. Perhaps it was the rush of the romance or the fact it reminded me of the second Princess Diaries movie.

Fans of Christian fiction will enjoy this Happily Ever After read, but if you want something a little deeper, try Hauck's book The Wedding Dress.

I received this book in exchange for my review. My thoughts are my own.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Congrats to Karen for winning A Noble Groom.
Today I'm giving away Talk of the Town by Lisa Wingate, who is one of my favorite authors.

To enter to win, leave a comment telling me about your town.

I live in a suburb of Houston. I like it because it's close to the city if I want that, but it's also fairly small....not nearly as small as the little town in this book though.

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