Monday, March 8, 2010

Listen by Rene Gutteridge

In the perfect town of Marlo, private conversations are now being made public on the internet for all to see. With the revelation of people's true feelings, neighbor is pitted against neighbor, friend against friend, and family members against one another. In the center of the drama is the Underwood family, who must deal with their personal issues, present and past, to keep the peace for the quaint town.

This is my favorite book by Rene Gutteridge. She faces the sin of gossip in a unique way. Behind its perfect acade, the town of Marlo is plagued by sin. When their thoughts are put out in the open for all to see, people begin attacking one another to save the image. The Underwood family is thrown into the mix of the mystery through the father Damien, who is contacted through his newspaper job by the person responsible for leaking the conversations; "Uncle" Frank, who is accused of setting up the website; Kay, Damien's wife who is struggling with her own past of being teased; Jenna, Damien's teenaged daughter who must deal with the torment of cruel girls; and Hunter, the son who has his own secrets.

Though not preachy by any means, this thought-provoking novel reminds us of the power of our words....even the ones we thought were private.

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