Thursday, March 17, 2011

Springtime of the Spirit by Maureen Lang

     At the end of World War I, Germans were caught between two conflicting political parties: one that wanted freedom and one that wanted communism to rule the land. Caught in the battle is Annaliese, a young and fearless woman who is willing to sacrifice herself for the good of her country. As she campaigns for women’s rights in Munich, Annaliese joins a cause to give the working class a voice in the government, completely unaware the leaders of the group are pushing towards a communistic takeover of the country. When Christophe, her girlhood crush, comes to take her home for her own safety, Annaliese must confront her own feelings about herself, for Christophe, and for the beliefs she holds dear. Will she have to give up her dreams for working towards social justice for a chance at true love?

     Springtime of the Spirit is the first book I’ve read by Maureen Lang, and I will definitely read more. I love history, and this book was a great mix of historical information about the clashes between the political groups in Germany after WWI with a love story that includes family and honor. The main characters were likeable, and growth in both characters was evident throughout the novel. At a few points, the dialogue about the differing views on the government grew weary. Instead of focusing on the different ideas and arguing back and forth, more time could have been spent with Annaliese as she visits her friend Meika. Annaliese’s visit with Meika was a turning point for her spiritually, but it was glossed over in the book.

     Overall, I enjoyed this book and will check out the other books in the Great War Series. I recommend this novel to Christian fiction readers, especially those fond of historical fiction.

I received this complimentary book from Tyndale Publishing for the purpose of reviewing.

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