Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Southern Fried Sushi: A Review

Summary: When Shiloh P. Jacob's mother passes away suddenly, Shiloh leaves her fast-paced life in Tokyo, Japan (where she's a reporter for AP and engaged to Carlos) to bury her mother in Virginia. While she is coming to terms with the death of her mother, who was never a real mother, Shiloh loses her job and her fiance. Stuck in redneck country, Shiloh has to put together the pieces of her life with a little help from some country folk.

My thoughts: The first few chapters had too many details and not enough action, but once Shiloh sets foot in Virgina, the story picks up and becomes a great read. The author's fun style is evident in the vivid, colorful characters (although a bit stereotypical of the South). The character development of Shiloh is heart-felt and authentic. The supporting characters of Becky and Faye are quirky additions and epitomize what's best about the South.
The spiritual truths are evident but not preachy...it's more of a development of character than a lecture to the reader.

I loved this book: from the cute cover, to the notebook Shiloh keeps of Southern sayings, to the roses in her mother's garden, to the truth that with God, things can bloom again.

I received this book in exchange for my review. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

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