Friday, January 24, 2014

Katie Parker Production Series: Review

I thought I had read all of Jenny B. Jones' books, but then I realized I hadn't read this series. I love her fun, unique writing voice.
Katie is a teenager in foster care while her mom serves time in jail. She's shipped off to the small town of In Between, where she has to live with the small town's pastor and his wife.
While the idea of being in foster care and having a criminal for a mother are tough topics, Jones handles them with the humor readers have come to expect from her.
Katie is a fantastic character. I love her sarcastic one-liners, and I'm glad the series was three books long to let the readers get to know her.
However, my favorite character is Katie's foster grandmother Maxine, who is a menace to society---and a funny one at that. Her antics made me laugh out loud.
Fans of Christian YA will love this series.

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