Friday, November 14, 2014

Confessional Friday

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 I confess that I just realized I'm my niece and nephew's crazy aunt. Every family has one...the weird, goofy aunt. I'm theirs. And I love it. Here we are ready to go play light-up football. It was cold. And I love those socks.
I confess I need a pedicure. I got one two weeks ago, but I put shoes on to run an errand right after and smudged the polish. I've been polish-less since and miserable because I'm having to wear close-toed shoes.

I confess that I spent an hour the other day on and I'm not even expecting a child...or married....or dating anyone. I do have names for my next book characters though!
I confess I have been sitting on the cover of my next book for a week now (not literally), and it's so hard. I'm NOT good at keeping secrets! But, I'm waiting to reveal it. Going to think of some contest.
I confess I love my job. Where else can you make wild things puppets and King of the Wild Ones crowns? It's like I'm a kid again. I need to remind myself of that sometimes when I get annoyed at work.

What do you need to confess?

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