Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lisi Harrison's Books

On the surface level, Lisi Harrison's books appear superficial and petty. The Clique series is about a group of popular girls and the lengths they will go to stay popular. The girls focus on boys, designer brands, and getting even with girls who cross them. In the Alpha series, the girls are competing for a number one spot in a prestigious school. Some of them will stop at nothing to get to the top. While some parents and even readers may be concerned that the books focus on beauty, fashion, and doing anything to get ahead, the books actually point out that girls are the same: they all want acceptance.

I used The Clique in literature circle a few years ago, and the group of girls who read the book had some amazing discussions about fitting in, what people do to fit in, and how mean girls are to one another. These are topics middle school girls need to discuss.

I recommend these books for middle school girls. It is a great book to read and then discuss as middle school girls face some tough decisions when they try to fit in or become popular.

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