Thursday, June 24, 2010

Take Four by Karen Kingsbury

Take Four is the final book in the Above the Line series. Readers find Andi, in her final months of pregnancy, struggling to decide whether or not to give up her baby for adoption. Bailey and Cody have declared their love for one another, but their new relationship is tested. The Jeremiah Production company films the much-anticipated movie Unlocked, which involved Bailey and a famous actor, Brandon Paul. 

Although the book is the final book in the series, the ending leaves openings for several new stories. (Hopefully, the new series featuring Bailey will answer many of the questions readers have at the end of this book like what happens with Brandon, Cody, and Bailey.)

Take Three was a little disappointing, but this book left me satisfied. It was less preachy than the last book, and I was thrilled with how the Andi storyline finished. Brandon Paul was an interesting new character who added a spark to the familiar characters. I hope Karen will let us readers know what happens next for Andi and her family. I was frustrated with the Cody and Bailey ending since I’ve looked forward to their relationship for like ten books, but I’ll buy the new books to find out what happens to this great couple.

This is a good series for people who enjoy realistic Christian fiction with characters who make mistakes, face the consequences of their mistakes, and sometimes learn from them.

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