Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella

Summary: Lara Lington is a twenty-something young woman living in London, struggling to build a new business, and pining over her ex-boyfriend. When she goes to her great-aunt Sadie's funeral, she is surprised when her great-aunt appears to her even though she only met the lady a few times, convincing her to find her lost necklace. Although Lara tries to brush it off, Sadie continues to "haunt" her until she uncovers the past and in the process finding her own way in life.

My thoughts: This book is a funny read. Sadie's hilarious. She appears to Lara and immediately causes chaos, demanding that Lara find her lost necklace, and in the process making Lara appear mentally insane. As Lara delves into her family's past to find the missing necklace, she finds out more about the great-aunt she never knew and realizes that underneath people's age is still the same young person that wants to live and to enjoy life. Sadie makes Lara dress up in crazy 1920 outfits, ask out a random man, and confront her millionaire uncle. Through all these charades, Sadie teaches Lara the power of love and being loved back.


Irene Hannon said...

Laura: Thank you so much for the great review--and for posting it on Amazon and Goodreads as well!

Irene Hannon said...

Laura--not sure how my comment ended up under this book--it should have gone under Fatal Judgment!

Laura J said...

No problem, thanks for reading my review of your book. :)