Monday, December 27, 2010

You had me at Goodbye by Tracey Bateman

Summary: Dancy Ames loves books. She is an editor for a publishing company is even working on her own novel. When Jack Quinn, her brother's best friend, sweeps in and takes her job, Dancy is at a loss for what exactly to do next. Should she work on her book, keep working for free at the little coffee shop, or just mooch off of her rich parents who are reuniting? Add a long lost half brother and a brother who is getting her dream condo, and Dancy's life is pretty much in turmoil. Will she surrender to the plans God has for her or keep fighting for what she thinks she wants?

My thoughts: I enjoyed this book. I love stories about people who fall in love with someone they've known all their lives. In addition to the love story, the storyline of Dancy's relationship with Nick, who fills the role of father since Dancy's dad is self-absorbed, is a strong one. Brandon, Dancy's long lost brother, is a nice supporting character.

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