Thursday, January 13, 2011

Don't Look Back by Lynette Eason

Jamie Cash is finally recovering from the horrible experience of being kidnapped and tortured that happened twelve years prior. When she finally begins to make a life for herself, the man who kidnapped her is back, eager to find and to kill the one who got away. Dakota has loved Jamie for a year and is close to a relationship with her when he must save her from a madman who is cunning enough to outwit even the FBI. Can Dakota save Jamie before it's too late? Or is Jamie strong enough now to save herself?

My thoughts: I loved this book. While I enjoyed the first one in the series, this one was even better. Eason's dialogue flowed more smoothly in this book than in the first, and the reader had more insight as to why the killer was the way he was, which wasn't there in the first book. Jamie is a beautiful picture of the resiliency of people--fighting debilitating panic and fear and eventually overcoming it and leading a normal normal as a forensic anthropologist can lead. The action was well-paced and kept me up late reading it to see what would happen next. Although I figured out who the murderer was fairly quickly, there was surprise at the end that caught me off guard.

This book is an excellent book for any fans of Christian suspense.

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