Monday, January 24, 2011

So Not Happening by Jenny B. Jones

Summary: Bella Kirkwood has to leave Manhattan and move to cow town Truman, Oklahoma after her mother, who was dumped by Bella’s father for a younger woman, falls in love with a factory worker. Bella, a true city girl, struggles to fit into life in a small town. When she lands a job for the school newspaper, she isn’t content with writing stories about the recycling at the school. Her nose for news leads uncovers some suspicious information about the football team that could ruin relationships, friendships, and even families. Someone is out to stop her investigation, and Bella must accept the help of the cute editor of the school paper to find the answers.

My thoughts: In this book, Jenny B. Jones takes the typical city girl moving to a small town and adds a suspense spice to make the book even better. I enjoyed the characters and thought they were well-developed and unique. (I love the stepbrothers that Bella acquires with her move, especially Robbie, who is convinced he is a superhero.) You can tell Jones works with teens because the dialogue reminds me of my former students. (I miss working with middle schoolers!) I also appreciated how the spiritual elements were present but not preachy. That is a must for a good YA Christian book.

This was a great first book for a series. I can’t wait to see what mess (think cow patties) Bella finds herself in next.

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