Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Stuck in the Middle Giveaway!

I'm behind on my reading, so I don't have a new book to give away today. Instead, I'll give away one of my personal books that I enjoyed. If you haven't read this series by Virginia Smith, you need to check it out. I love stories about sisters (maybe because mine is so awesome)! To enter, just leave a comment about your sister, why you wish you had a sister, why you are glad you don't have a sister, whatever. Please keep in mind that I have read this book, and it has slight wear. I only ship to the US. Also, once I email you that you've won, you have a week to send me your address, or I'll pick another winner.

Congrats, Michelle, for winning Springtime of the Spirit! :) I'll mail your book soon. I think this is the second time you've won...lucky girl!


Dawn said...

Sisters. I don't have a blood sister. I have a best friend who for all practical purposes is my sister. She's the one friend I have that I called when my grandfather passed away. Which thankfully she was in town, and she dropped everything and came over. She's the one friend who I will go to about anything, spiritual or otherwise and will give me sound advise. She's the friend I will be going to Ireland with. She's my sister.


robinorr2 said...

I don't know if this is still open but if it is I would love to enter to win "Stuck in the Middle".

I don't have a sister but I always wanted one. When I was 15 I found out that I had 2 half sisters but I had never known them or grew up with them and it was sad. I always wanted the closeness of a sister to share things with. I have my daughter now! :)

Thanks, Robin
robinorr2 @ gmail . com