Monday, January 9, 2012

Vicious Cycle: A Review

When fifteen-year old Lance finds out his friend Jordan has left drug rehab, he goes to her house to check on her. After being threatened, he leaves, only to find a newborn baby in his back sea. Jordan's baby. Thinking he will have his mom help figure out what to do, he takes the baby home. When he's arrested, the family finds themselves involved in a baby smuggling ring in addition to drug abuse. Can the family work together to prove Lance's innocence as well as protect a helpless baby?

As always, Blackstock tells a thrilling tale of adventure, but what stood out to me most in this book was the honest, realistic look at drug abuse and human trafficking. Lance's sister is finding it hard to cope after graduating from a year-long rehab facility. The storyline of baby traffickers getting drug abusers pregnant in hopes of selling their babies is a real issue, and Blackstock handled it with grace while still sharing a intriguing story.

Fans of Christian fiction will enjoy this book. I know I look forward to more books in this series.

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