Thursday, August 16, 2012

New School/Can't Sleep!

I don't think I posted on here, but I got a new job. I'm so excited.
*It's only 1.8 miles from home. (My old school was 20 miles one way.)
*I have rotation for 1st and 2nd grade only. (My old school was rotation for kinder-4th grade.)
*The atmosphere is much more positive and relaxed. (The principal at my old school was great to me but created a very tense environment. 20 teachers left this school year (me included), so that says something.)
*Everyone seems wonderful. (The teachers at my old school were great too.)
*I was told I would have volunteers every day. (At my old school, I had to beg my sister to be my only volunteer, and her kids don't even go there. Thanks, Jeanelle!)
*No more lunch duty!

Doesn't this look like a great library? There are murals painted on both side (cuts down on my decorating obligations).

I've gone up there a handful of times, started decorating, and met with the old librarian (who was last year's teacher of the year--big shoes to fill). I'm nervous. This school has much more of a community feel. The expectations for involvement are high!

At my old school, since I was on rotation (where the teachers drop off their kids and leave for their conference), often with two classes at a time, that was my main job. I did morning duty, lunch duty, and afternoon duty, but because I had kids all day, I didn't plan a lot of school-wide events...wanted to but didn't have time. I did Name that Book and Book Club, but those were in-library activities. I stayed in my library and taught language arts lessons (per my principal's request).  I was comfortable doing that.

At my new school, I will do Bluebonnet clubs, book clubs, collaborate with teachers, plan summer reading activities, start handling the accounts for the library (bookkeeper at old school did that),organize book swaps, help kids make book trailers--learn myself, maintain a website, run book fairs that sell about 14,000, and MUCH more. That's in addition to running the library. I'm excited, but I'm nervous.

That rambling leads me to this: my sleeping is all messed up, especially after I met some librarians in the district and heard all the awesome things they have going on. My mind just won't shut off even though I'm exhausted! Any suggestions?


Vera said...

Laura - so happy for you and your new position and school. That library is absolutely beautiful. You should see the tiny one at the Christian school at which I work (I work in office not library). But we do try. That is one of the reasons I try to win and glean books for the library to enhance it a bit.

I have a recommendation for an author (self-published) that you might want to investigate for your library. She writes 9-15 y/old historical fiction. Beautiful language. Great incorporation of historical information without feeling like a history book. Good story line that kids who read would feel kinship with. She also provides good classroom resources for them.

Her name is Michelle Isenhoff (her reviews are on my blog If you do go with this idea, tell her that I referred her to you. (And no, I don't get anything for this referral. I just appreciate her books.)

Laura Jackson said...

Thanks for the heads up about the author. I will check that out.
Thanks for the comment. I'm super excited about my new adventure!