Friday, February 21, 2014

Confessional Friday

I love to read blogs even (especially) if I don't know the person. People are interesting to me, and I can always write off the time spent (wasted) as research for a future character.
So, today, I'm jumping in the link-up from A Blonde Ambition's blog.
1. I confess that I took a personal day at work today and feel like a kid skipping school. Even though my boss knows it's a personal day and I have a great sub, I still feel a little guilty for missing a day--and it's the only day I've taken this school year.
2. I confess I'm a little discouraged with this author marketing thing. I'm NOT a sales woman. My days at Bed, Bath & Beyond proved that. It's hard selling yourself.
3. I confess I'm craving crawfish pregnant lady cravings.
4. I confess that I'm boring that I have nothing to confess.
I'll try this again next week, and I'll try to be interesting enough before then to have something great to confess!

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