Friday, September 26, 2014

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I confess that I've found that when you add plenty of bananas and strawberries to your kale smoothie, you don't really taste the leaves.
It's actually pretty good.
I confess that I ate the BEST chocolate cake I have ever eaten at Benjy's in Rice Village Thursday night. (It's a beautiful part of Houston around Rice University.) It's got a great atmosphere with an upstairs lounge/patio.
It definitely canceled out any benefits of that smoothie.
I confess that I have been using an Olay eye cream at night, but I'm looking for a new one. I bought an Aveda one and L'Oreal one. But, I'm not sure how to really tell which one is better. Any other recommendations?
I confess that I am a little embarrassed by how little I explore Houston. It's a great city, and I have no clue what's in it. I'm going to change that. Drove around downtown tonight and had fun just seeing little communities and sections/styles.


Dawn Janis said...

I'm biased, but I'd say give the Mary Kay firming eye cream a try. :)

Mary Arnold said...

Completely agree with you on the first one! I like to add frozen mango to my kale green smoothies...yum!