Friday, October 3, 2014

Confessional Friday


I confess that this was a rough week. Nothing terrible happened--just not feeling great, some things at work, some things with my novel, etc.

Then Wednesday night came. At my church, during midweek worship, we break into small groups to pray. Our pastor shared that a guy in the church had lost his wife Thursday night. He asked us to pray and then spoke about the man's unwavering faith.

Well, the guy was there, and he ended up being in my prayer group. I'd never met him before, but it's not uncommon to not know everyone in your group.

I can't tell you the words he prayed, but his gratitude and love for Jesus poured out of his heart to the whole group.

He just lost his wife less than a week before, but he was thanking God for being in control of all things and for all of his blessings.


So, I confess that I was stressed and annoyed and full of ingratitude. But I don't want to be. I want to give it all to the One who controls all things.

And I'm so thankful for a church that prays together. That man's prayer touched me, and I'm sure it touched the heart of God.


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