Monday, January 5, 2015

Sometimes I don't Get It

When I first got the cover for Worth the Time from my publisher, I have to admit I was a little confused.
I was worried that someone who didn't know the series would immediately think couple....and an older guy with a teen girl.
But, you know what, my publisher got what I had forgotten.
This wasn't a story about a girl meeting a guy and falling in love.
It was about a girl who thought she was abandoned by her father only to find out she wasn't.
A girl discovering that she is loved.
By her earthly father.
And more importantly, her heavenly father.
That's the greatest love story ever told--the one we have with our creator.
So, my publisher added the blurb on the front, and it's perfect to me. I love it.
It's not the norm to show a girl with her dad on the cover of a YA novel, but I've never been normal. :) And Lindsey's not either.
Hope you enjoy Lindsey's story.
It's on sale Tuesday, January 6th on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
(And Worth the Wait is on sale until Saturday for 99 cents to celebrate. Find it on Amazon .)

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