Sunday, December 21, 2014

HopeSprings Giveaway!


Thanks to all of you who visited our various blogs throughout the month of December and commented. We appreciate you taking the time to do that and hope that you'll continue to stick around. Each of us try to provide interesting and entertaining content weekly and would love your continued presence!
Without further ado, our grand prize winner is

June Horne

June, please contact me via email - elizabeth dot maddrey at gmail dot com (replace "dot" and "at" with a . and an @) And in even more delightful news - everyone else who commented is eligible for a free audiobook download of one of the following HopeSprings books:
Please contact me (same email as above) with your first two choices (supplies of each title are limited, so get in touch quickly.) Your participation in the Advent giveaway will be verified and then you'll receive an email with information about how to claim your free audio book. Thanks again for spending a bit of your Advent with us. Have a very blessed Christmas!

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