Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Favorites

 I used to struggle to think of things for Confessional Friday. To be honest, some weeks, nothing interesting happened.
But, I've seen some people posting their favorite stuff on Fridays. That, I can always do.
I didn't want to use pictures that I don't have licensing for, so these pictures are my own that I snapped. Forgive my lack of ability. :)
I love going to get facials at Aveda. I use several of their products, but I just started using this eye crème. I had tried two other eye creams before this one but can't say I loved them. I've been using this Aveda crème for about two weeks, and I like the way it feels on my skin. I never took pictures to be able to compare/analyze to see if it works, but so far, I'm happy.
My hairdresser used this mask (and the shampoo that goes with it) back at my January appointment, and I had to get some. I don't use heat on my hair often, so it's usually pretty soft. But, this stuff makes it even softer and helps with the flyaways, which I have plenty of.
My hairdresser suggested only using it once, maybe twice, a week. I've stuck to once a week and have been happy with the results.
I'm a HUGE Reese's fan, especially the eggs, hearts, trees, and pumpkins that come out around holiday time. No idea why I hadn't tried a white chocolate egg. Got some tonight and LOVED it! UGH! Canceled my workout for sure.
So, that's what I've been loving this week. What's your new favorite?

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