Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites
This week has been fun. Since I went to the Houston Rodeo twice, that's my theme for the week.
1. Rodeo Food is amazing. Here in Houston, they fry EVERYTHING! Oreos, koolaid, brownies, etc. However, I love the cupcakes stuffed with ice cream. They cut out the middle and put a little deliciousness inside. It's the perfect treat.
2. Dierks Bentley is my favorite county music singer. He put on a fantastic show Monday night!! I'm glad Ashley, Amy, and Jamie were able to go with me. (And why don't I have a name ending in the E sound?)
3. Cowgirl boots. I love my boots. I wear them throughout the year, and I love pairing them with a dress for the rodeo.
4. Good times with friends. Okay, this picture has a story. Wednesday night, my friend Jamie and I went to see Florida Georgia Line (AMAZING show), and the guy behind us kept talking about his wild partying. He went on and on. We wanted to know what he looked like, so we acted like we were taking a selfie but were really looking at him.
The result was hilarious! You can tell she was feeling the same way I was about his stories. Ignore my crazy look! :)
Have a great weekend!
What's been your favorite thing this week?

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