Saturday, July 3, 2010

Predator by Terri Blackstock

Summary: Krista Carmichael is on a mission: to catch the man who kidnapped and killed her sister. When other young women are stalked and kidnapped in the area, the cops are led to GrapeVyne, a social network where the girls left detailed "thought bubbles" about their day. Ryan, the CEO of GrapeVyne, joins Krista on the search for the killer and online predator.

My thoughts: This book is great! In addition to the plot about Krista and Ryan finding the murderer, there are also several intriguing subplots: social networks and what information people, teenagers in particular, put out for anyone to see; the grief of a father who has lost his wife and now his daughter; Krista's mission work in a low-income area; and the corruption of GrapeVyne's partners.

The book leaves the reader wondering what exactly these ad companies have access to on our social networking pages. Remember to only add friends that you actually know, and always keep your page private!

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