Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Insatiable by Meg Cabot

Summary: Meena Harper has always been able to tell when someone is going to die….until she meets Lucien Antonescu. She can't see his death because he's been dead for centuries. Their whirlwind romance is cut short when a Palatine Guard comes in town with the sole purpose of tracking down vampires like Lucien. Meena becomes wrapped up in a battle between dueling vampires. Will she choose the man she loves or life?

My thoughts: Meg Cabot is one of my favorite YA authors. Her voice is unique and fun, but I felt her voice didn’t translate as well into this adult book. The dialogue didn’t seem to flow as her books normally do. The minor characters did little to develop the plot. (The best friend is a random character until the final battle of the book.) Several characters were found to be vampires by the end of the book, which didn’t seem realistic (as realistic as a vampire writing soap operas can be). I am tired of the vampire phase, so this could be the reason for my low rating since the book does have some great qualities. For one, Meena is a strong female character. She’s independent and doesn’t follow blindly after a man. Second, Meg Cabot is able to weave humor into a tale of a murderer, a vampire feud, and a boyfriend who turns into a dragon when provoked. Both of these redeeming qualities aren't enough to make me want to buy the book to reread it.

Overall, the book is an average read for an adult or high school (11th up) girl who wants more of the vampire craze.

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