Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Shadow of Your Smile by Mary Higgins Clark

Summary from the back of the book:
At age 83 and in failing health, Olivia Morrow must decide--should she expose a long-held secret? Olivia has letters from her deceased cousin, Catherine, a nun being considered for beatification--the final step before sainthood. The letters are evidence that at age seventeen Catherine gave birth to a son whom she surrendered for adoption. The baby's father was Alex Gannon, who made a fortune inventing orthopedic devices. The rightful heir is Catherine's granddaughter, a 31-year-old pediatrician, Dr. Monica Farrell. Those now squandering the money must prevent Monica from learning the secret and will stop at nothing--even murder.

My thoughts:

Mary Higgins Clark is one of my all-time favorite authors. I started reading her books back in high school, and I have enjoyed them ever since. What I love about Mary Higgins Clark’s books is that it is obvious the book is well planned. The storyline flows, and the characters are woven to together perfectly. Like most books by Clark, the protagonist Monica is a strong, independent woman who is able to think and act for herself (with the help of a nice guy).

Even though the reader knows who the murderer is and who Monica Farrell really is, the ride to find out what will happen to the characters is still entertaining with a slight twist at the end. The supporting characters of Olivia, Ryan, and even Sally are balanced and support the main plotline well. The connection between the main character Monica and a saint was an interesting and thought-provoking subplot.

The one downfall of the novel is that the book seems to follow the same formula as many other books by Clark. The saint/healing subplot is what kept the book unique.

Overall, I recommend this book to readers who like mysteries without too much gore. Mary Higgins Clark is a class lady, and her books reflect that. Therefore, these books are also good for high school kids who want to read a good mystery.

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