Sunday, February 13, 2011

Blast from the Past by Meg Cabot

In the sixth book of the Allie Finkle series, Allie is excited about an upcoming field trip with her class even though her class is matched up with the class from her old school. Even worse, Allie is partnered up with her ex-best friend, who betrayed her on the 3rd grade field trip a year ago. Can the two groups work together and overcome their differences?

When I first read the inside cover of the book, I wondered how a whole book could have been about a field trip, but I shouldn’t have underestimated Meg Cabot. This book was my favorite Allie Finkle book yet. Allie learns to stand up for people who are being bullied and how she has to work together with those she doesn’t like. As always, the book is full of Meg Cabot’s unique voice, making the characters come alive.

My favorite part was Allie discovering that George Washington kept a rule book just like she does with important life rules. :)

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