Sunday, February 6, 2011

Little Lady Agency by Hester Browne

Summary: Melissa Romney-Jones has many talents: she can help someone dress accordingly, plan a great party, and organize just about anything. Despite her qualifications, she is released from her job. Unsure of what to do next, Melissa decides to take the skills she learned at finishing school help hapless men.

Donning a blonde wig and snug clothing, Melissa becomes “Honey,” a confident go-getter who helps give direction to clueless men. She helps them find clothes, buy gifts, break up with girlfriends, and occasionally acts as a date to a company party. When Jonathan, an American new to the area, hires “Honey” to help him ward off matchmakers as he heals from a broken marriage, Melissa finds herself falling for Jonathan. Does he care for her or just the persona of “Honey”?

My thoughts: I picked this book out simply because on the cover, Sophie Kinsella, a writer I enjoy, had a comment on the front. (I know, not always the best way to pick a book.) At first, I was leery of the plot. I did not want to read a book about a female escort or prostitute. This book is NOT that. It’s about a woman becoming confident in her own skin after years of being put in a box by her family and offering support and encouragement to men in need. The characters are well developed, and I love the character of Nelson has the roommate and faithful sidekick. There is no sex in the book and little cursing. The book is an enjoyable read and entertaining throughout, especially considering it is Hester Browne’s first book. I enjoyed the book enough to go get the rest of the series.

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