Tuesday, February 1, 2011

So Over my Head by Jenny B. Jones

In the third book of The Charmed Life series, Bella finds herself involved in another crime as she finds the body of a carnival worker. Although the police quickly make an arrest, Bella isn't sure that they have the right guy. Bella and her sidekick Ruthie go undercover to find out some answers. On top of the crime solving, Bella must deal with her own insecurities about her relationship with Luke, whose old girlfriend is back in town and after Luke, and her father's upcoming wedding to a much younger woman who is up to no good.
I enjoyed this book. It was a great end to the series with Bella finally moving past her lack of trust in people, especially the men in her life. Ruthie is one of my favorite minor characters in a long time, and I wish there was a book about what happens with her next. She adds comic relief to a book about heavy topics like trust and death.
Overall, this is a great series for teens. Jenny B. Jones is a great YA author who writes about Christian teens without being preachy or overbearing.

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