Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Billion Reasons Why by Kristin Billerbeck

     Eight years ago, Katie McKenna proposed to the man she loved passionately only to be turned down. Fleeing to California to escape her humiliation, Katie strives to become what she feels is expected of her: working with special needs children, attending church faithfully, following the “church” rules, and settling for a life with a man she doesn’t love. Then Luc DeForges, the man who broke her heart, walks back into her life, determined to convince Katie to come back to New Orleans under the pretense of performing at his brother’s wedding. Behind his ruse is a plan to make Katie fall in love with him again. Will Katie settle for a life that makes sense on paper or follow her heart even if it means risking everything?

     Being from Louisiana, I like the setting of New Orleans. It’s the perfect place to have characters who love the 40’s (even though I knew very few of the movie and music references that filled the pages) and who are full of passion for dancing and singing. Katie is a likeable character, but it was hard to root for Luc when it took him eight years to chase down the woman he loved. Overall, their story is a fun read even if they won’t go down as my favorite characters. (I’m a character-driven reader, so if I don’t love the characters, I usually don’t love the book.)

     A Billion Reasons Why delves into a topic that I think more Christians need to think about: living by rules or living by love. Following Christ doesn’t mean not embracing fun and romance. Marrying Dexter, the solid guy who sends weekly flowers, would be sensible but boring. Marrying Luc would mean risking her heart, but she would feel alive again. The book gave me things to think about without being preachy, which is one reason I love Kristin Billerbeck’s books.


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Great review!

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A Billion Reasons Why by Kristin Billerbeck is a very well written and thought out book. To be completely honest this is the first time I ever read a Kristin Billerbeck book. I have to say I was NOT disappointed! Katie McKenna is engaged to be married to a man she doesn't love. She's settling for him. Her true love is a "multimillionaire" named Luc DeForges. In their past they both did things that hurt the other and strained their relationship.