Saturday, May 7, 2011

Small-Town Moms by Janet Tronstad

     Maegan Shay is desperate to find her long-lost niece. Having grown up in foster care, Maegan understands what it is like to be alone in the world and doesn’t want that for her niece. When she comes to the small town of Dry Creek, Montana, she finds Lilly is well-taken care of by her uncle Clint Parker. Both Maegan and Clint want the best for Lilly. Does the best include the three of them as a family?

     The story of Maegan and Clint is part one of a two-part book titled Small-Town Moms. Because it is only 114 pages, the characters are not as developed as they would be in a whole book. I really like the characters—Maegan is a strong woman who overcame great odds both emotionally and physically to become a successful lawyer. Clint works hard to provide for a girl who isn’t his. Lilly is a shy but strong girl herself. The three characters have great potential, but because the book is so short, I felt a little bit was lacking in their development. I’m a character-driven reader, so I enjoyed the book because I really liked the characters.

     If you enjoy the Love Inspired books, you will enjoy this sweet story of a man and a woman who are willing to sacrifice everything to give a little girl a good home.

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