Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Book Giveaway!

Congrats to Cheryl who won Over the Edge. I think I still have your address, so I'll check and let you know.

This week I'm giving away Water's Edge by Robert Whitlow, which I really enjoyed.

I think it's the Cajun blood in me, but I love the water.....but not beach water. I like rivers, lakes, and swamps. I like to go out on the boat and ride, which is something I haven't done in a long time. I drive over a river each day, and it brings me peace. Sadly, with the drought, it's showing more sand bars than water.

What do you love about the water? Can you go swimming in water you can't see the bottom of? Do you enjoy surfing, sailing, or just lying on a floatie with a book?


robinorr2 said...

Hi Laura! I would love to win a copy of Water's Edge! I grew up on the ocean in Rhode Island and enjoyed swimming, sailing, fishing, and anything else we kids could think of. As a teenager, I moved up to New Hampshire where there are lots of rivers and lakes and I enjoyed swimming in the lakes even more because there was no salt to dry out the skin, I could open my eyes in the water without them stinging, and there was no icky seaweed to get stuck between your toes. I still love to fish too. I live in a wheelchair now and would do just about anything to walk along a sandy beach, anywhere. I always found water to be so peaceful and healing. :)

Thanks for the chance to win Laura!

Robin ... robinorr2 @ gmail.com

JoyAnne said...

I prefer a pool where I can see the bottom! I like Whitlow's books.

joyanne11 at gmail dot com

Barb said...

I love Robert Whitlow's books, and I would love to be entered in the drawing. Thanks!


ihhcheryl said...

Thanks so much Laura! I appreciate it :) Blessings- Cheryl

Cherry said...

I don't know if I can swim in waters I cannot see the bottom of. That theory has never been tested. The opportunity to swim in such waters has never presented itself. But as a little girl we used to go to my grandfather's place by the beach and I love swimming at my grandfather's beach! Guess I am a sea water kind of girl :)

Cherry Mischievous
cherrymischif-darkward [at] yahoo [dot] com

tetewa said...

I love to swim but prefer to be able to see what I'm swimming in! tWarner419@aol.com

suzy said...

I love the ocean! I think God's hand in creation is so evident when you look out over the waters.
I'd love to read the book-it was on our book group's list, but I wasn't able to read it with them.
Thanks for the chance!

cc said...

No, sad to say, as I have aged, I am no longer able to swim in water that is not in a pool and CLEAR! Long ago, I would swim in anything wet. Joys of growing older...

I would very much enjoy winning Water's Edge. My reading speed has increased, and I need LOTS of books.



Patsy said...

I can't swim at all so I just kinda wad in it. I do however love the sounds of water - whether its a waterfall or the ocean waves. If I could swim I wouldn't want to swim in water where I couldn't see the bottom.

Millardthemk said...

Love to enter! Thanks! I've heard about this book before and here is my chance to read it :D