Saturday, August 6, 2011

Water's Edge by Robert Whitlow

I've read all of Robert Whitlow's books and have enjoyed them all, including this one. Tom is a young lawyer with dreams of becoming a partner in a prestigious firm. In one day, he loses his job, his girlfriend, and his cat. Without direction, he moves back to the small town where his father worked as a lawyer before his recent death. Determined to tie up his father's loose ends and then get back to the big city, Tom overlooks some details in his father's cases, details that could jeopardize his career and his father’s reputation.

While the book focuses mainly on the case that surrounds his father's death, the story is much more than a mystery. It's a tale of self-discovery and the transformation that occurs as a person comes to know the truth of Jesus Christ. It's a book about friendships, lost love, and new friends. It's a story of a small town with big secrets. The character development and side stories add depth to the story without taking away from the overall mystery.

Fans of Robert Whitlow will be satisfied with his latest book; I know I was. I was given this book by Booksneeze for the purpose of reviewing. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

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