Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hand of Fate: A Review

When Jim Fate, a controversial talk show host, opens a package that contains poison, his death puts his town into a panic. As citizens fear a terrorist attack, Allison, Cassidy, and Nicole work together to find the person or group responsible for the death of Fate, who had made many enemies with his brash opinions. Will they find the person responsible before their own lives are in danger?

While the mystery aspect of the novel was interesting and fast-paced, my favorite part of the book was the character development. The three strong, independent women who were introduced in book one show more growth in this book as readers find out what happened in Nicole's past to make her so wary of men, the reason for Cassidy's insecurities, and the strength of Allison's faith as she is tested with tragedy.

The author's knowledge of the world of politics and media shines through again in this book. A funny addition to the book was the letters from popular radio hosts who thought the character of Jim Fate was based on them.

Fans of suspense/murder mysteries will enjoy this addition to the Triple Threat series. I definitely recommend reading them in order.

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