Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Congrats to Bethany for winning Multiple Choice. I just sent you an email.

Today, I'm giving away The Coming Storm by Tracie Peterson. This is another one I haven't read...I'm so behind on my reading. It makes me a little sad to see my reading list on my kindle and on my bookcase and even sadder when I think of how I spend my days surrounded by thousands of books I'll never have time to read.

To enter to win, leave a comment about what's coming up for you. I'm excited about the upcoming summer break. My school year has been going GREAT, but I'm in countdown mode. :)

Follow the blog and leave a second comment letting me know you follow. I'll pick a winner next week. (In case you were wondering, this is how I pick a winner. I ask someone--like my mom or a random friend who doesn't read the blog--to pick a number between 1-however many comments there are. It's not scientific, but the last few times I tried random.org, it didn't work for me.)

I can only ship to the US.

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