Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Mother Daughter Book Club: A Review

When four sixth grade girls are forced by their mothers to join a book club, they are afraid they'll find nothing in common with each other or Little Women, the book they are assigned to read. As they muddle through middle school, the unlikely friends find they may need each other after all and that a book written a long time ago still has relevance today.

Told from all four girls' perspectives, this book has something to offer every reader looking for a character like herself. Emma struggles to fit in, Jessie's misses her mother who left the family, Megan's mother refuses to acknowledge her daughter's dreams, and Cassidy is still grieving her dad's death and her family's move from California. The typical struggles are included: boys, appearances, popularity, and dealing with family, and I think that's why tweens will enjoy this book--they'll be able to identify with the girls and their struggles.

As a librarian, I also love the parallels to the classic Little Women. Readers don't need to have read the book to follow this book, but hopefully some will go check out the Alcott's story of four girls.

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