Sunday, May 27, 2012

Identical Differences: A Review

All Alexia ever wanted to do was escape the small town she grew up in, so when her twin gets engaged, Alexia is happy for her but not so thrilled about coming back to the past she tried to leave behind. When she meets the best man, Justin, the guy she hated since junior high, Alexia is just ready for the festivities to be over, so she can escape back to her real life....before she realizes her heart never left.

This is a cute novella, but I never felt connected to the main character Alexia or understood her reasons for hating Justin. Erynn Mangum has written several of these novellas and was able to develop the characters well enough in the short story. However, Alexia has more layers that need more time development than just a novella. She's an intriguing character, but her change of heart felt rushed and her character stilted. In fact, I enjoyed her twin more than her and would have liked to read their story.

As usual, Mangum delivers a fun story with jolts of coffee, family dynamics, and spiritual truths. Although this isn't my favorite Mangum novella, it was a sweet read that would have been better as a full-length novel.

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