Thursday, April 11, 2013


Congrats to Michelle for winning Talk of the Town. Today, I'm giving away Wings of Glass, which I thought was fantastic.

Today is my birthday (yay for cake), so to enter to win, leave me a comment about your most memorable birthday or what was your favorite age (so far).

Be sure to leave your email address.
I'll pick a winner next Thursday.
I can only ship to the US.

Have a great weekend!


Kara said...

Happy Birthday Laura, yay for cake indeed!! Big time birthday blessings to you, have a great one :)

One of my best birthday memories was the year I turned 8 and my dad got my first ice cream cake. It had a brown teddy bear on it and was DELISH!

*not an entry*

Michelle said...

Happy birthday! I go for the ice cream! My favorite birthday was my 12th. It was so fun, i spent it with a lot of people I cared about and seems like life was much simpler to me back then! Thanks for having giveaways!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Laura! :) Cake is always good especially with lots of icing!

I think one of my favorite birthdays was a few years ago when I had my step brother and step sister with me! All of us and a few friends went to play laser tag after my party and went out to eat! We had so much fun! Little did I know that that would be the last last time that I would hangout with my brother because he sadly wants nothing to do with me and family anymore!

I hope you have a great weekend! :)


Dawn Janis said...

Happy birthday (a day late, but I texted and FB you)!

My most memorable birthday was 2011. My birthday fell on a Wednesday night and so 50+ kids sang happy birthday to me and everyone at church wished me a happy birthday. I turned 34 that year.


Patty said...

Happy Birthday! My 40th is coming up in just a few weeks here... looking for it to be a memorable year.
I think my 18th was memorable. I took my first trip alone on an Airplane and flew from Michigan to WA state to visit family. I even had to go through O'hare in Chicago by myself.


Kathi Oram Peterson said...

Happy Birthday! I love cake as well. Make mine chocolate. It's nice to meet you.

Faith F. said...

Happy Birthday! And may you have a year of knowing God's Love ever better than ever before!
I found your blog on Goodreads.
My favorite Birthday was last year...My whole family with me, a cake with real whipped cream on it instead of frosting....
:D Faith at