Friday, April 4, 2014

Confessional Friday

Linking up with Leslie at,
I confess that I throw a cardigan over a t-shirt and call that "professional" dress at work! Ha. This picture is from my nephew's flag football game this weekend. Those shoes are my "mud" shoes since the field is often wet.
(My niece, my aunt, my brother-in-law, my sister, my mom, me)
I confess that I'm praying for my aunt in this picture (sporting my rain boots) to move to Texas or at least Louisiana. She's so funny, and I wish she lived closer.
I confess I expected the Astros (affectionately called the Lastros) to lose Tuesday. I went to Opening Day for the first time ever. They were playing the Yankees. It was a lot of fun, and the Astros kicked the Yankees' butts. YAY!
I confess that I get goosebumps whenever I see the American flag or hear the national anthem. It doesn't matter if the person sounds great or just so-so, I love it. Isn't she beautiful?

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