Friday, April 25, 2014

Confessional Friday

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This week, I have more news than confessions.
1. I'm so excited to share that I signed a contract with HopeSprings Books for book 2 in the Waltham
Academy series. Lindsey was a hateful heifer in Worth the Wait, and I always wanted to know why. I hope y'all come to love her like I do!
2. I went to game one of the Rockets/Blazers series. I LOVE the Houston Rockets (and the Texans and Astros). It was so much fun even though they lost.
3. I went to the eye doctor, and she found a spot on my eye. It's rather large. Of course, she says, "It's just something to keep an eye on." No pun intended I'm sure. It's not raised and doesn't have blood vessels off of it, so she's not too worried. But, I have to go back in a few months and check again.
Don't you love when doctors tell you not to worry....what else is there to do.
Trust in God. I know. :)
4. I got my first royalty check! It's not a bunch of money, but I am still in awe that people paid money to read something I wrote. Wow. I hope this feeling never gets old.
Thanks to everyone who has read Worth the Wait, reviewed it, promoted it, or encouraged me along the way. I'm blessed.
5. Finally, I confess I once again am failing at my eating right adventure. It's so discouraging. I do well at work and then snack at home. Anyone have any healthy, easy meals? Suggestions for sweet tooth (other than fruit--I eat a lot of fruit but it doesn't help my sweet cravings).
Have a fantastic week.
Go Rockets!


Dawn Janis said...

Yay for book 2! and for royalty checks!

Laura Jackson said...

Yes, super exciting!