Friday, December 5, 2014

Confessional Friday


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I confess that I was super nervous about my first book signing, and I'm so glad I was just one of 5 authors because it was so slow. Bad weather swirled through Houston, and not many people came to Barnes and Noble. But, at least it's out of the way, right?

I confess that I've been to two Rockets games in the last two weeks, and I want to go every week. I'm spoiled. (Both times I went with the girl I babysit, who loves basketball even more than I do!)

I confess that I lack Pinterest talent. People kept sending me pictures of Book Christmas Trees, suggesting I do them for the library. I tried. I really did. I like it, and the kids like it. That's what matters.

I confess that I laughed as some of my students made a tree for me. I tried to talk to them about making things level, but they kept piling books half-hazardly. It looked great.
For 30 minutes. They left, and it completely fell. a volcano eruption.
Sometimes we just need to learn by doing and failing. And laughing.
I confess that I miss my dad more around the holidays, which is natural. He was a hunter, and after his death, my mom got rid of his mounted animals. The people I babysit for own a couple of restaurants in Houston (Spaghetti Western--great food!), and they took my dad's bear.
I get to see the bear fairly regularly, and I know my dad would be in a panic over his bear decorated, but I LOVE it!

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