Thursday, December 4, 2014

HopeSprings Giveaway Continues!

It's the end of week one in the HopeSpringsBooks Advent Giveaway and...we had a few kinks. These things happen, but happily for you, it gives you a chance for some additional free stuff as our way of saying "Ooops! Please forgive us."
But first up, Teresa Pollard had a great post on Tuesday about hope. We hope (ha!) if you haven't already swung by and commented that you'll do so today. She's giving people until this Tuesday (12/9) to leave a comment to win either of her books (Not Guilty or Tokens of Promise. Both are wonderful reads and if you've not read them, this is a great opportunity to do that!) PLUS - every comment on one of our author posts on Hope gets you an entry into the Grand Prize giveaway.
You may be asking: are there other ways to enter for the Grand Prize? And that's a fantastic question, but the answer is nope. Rafflecopter and Facebook made some changes to the way they do things and between that and a few other logistical issues, we decided to kick it old school the year.
As a bonus, what we really want to do is connect with you! So asking you to leave a comment and chat with us works to that end as well. You may now be asking: I thought you said there were going to be two author posts each week? And that's where we get to additional free stuff. The second post with giveaway didn't happen this week - so sorry! But, because of that, we have the added bonus of offering up some audible download codes for free audio books. So - comment on this post for a special giveaway of 5 different audiobook codes. You have a choice between:
So leave a comment and let us know which FREE audio book you'd like! (Commenters from all the locations where this is posted will be put into a spreadsheet and then we'll use to choose the winners - one for each audio code.)

We'll contact winners via email (and mention them in next Friday's post) on Friday (12/12.) Be sure to swing by Elizabeth Maddrey's blog on Monday and Mary Hamilton's blog on Wednesday for more chances to enter the Grand Prize Drawing and other author giveaways!

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