Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Favorites

I went to the Taylor Swift concert, and it was one of the best concerts I've been too. I only wish I had gone to one of her concerts earlier so that I could hear more of her country songs. 

 I'm a big fan of Taylor. I love her music, and I think she's a genuinely nice person. I love how she looks for fans to interact with online--making a big difference with her kind words and her help. Each song was a huge production and entertaining. I didn't know what to watch half the time because so much was happening on stage. 

When we got to the show, they had bracelets on our seats. Then, we got instructions when to pull the tag. Finally, during the show, the bracelets flashed colors in sync. It was amazing to see the whole crowd lighting up in unison. 

I admit I suffer from shoe gluttony. I was looking for some brown sandals and found four pairs. These are just the flat sandals. I defend it by saying brown has so many shades that you need multiple pairs of very similar shoes. 

Finally, the other day, this was delivered in my box at work. There was no name, no indication of where it should be delivered. I do get a lot of magazines for the library, but not Bride magazine. I'm taking this as a sign of good things to come. :) 

Have a great weekend! 

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