Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Book Club Needs Help!

An example of one of our Book Club Projects

When I worked in a low-income school, we received state and federal money for our school. In fact, my first year as a librarian, I received over 8,000 dollars from the district to buy books. Now that I am not at a low-income school, I have to fundraise for every dollar my library gets.

That's where comes in. They help teachers raise money for things for their classroom through corporate donors as well as people who give to help students.

I am asking for books for my kids to have Book Club. We did one book club at the beginning of the year, and the kids LOVED it! However, I spent a lot of my own  money buying materials. I created a donorschoose account and am asking you to help me get two more sets of book club books.

Here's the great part: Build-A-Bear has already put in half of what I need. Also, if you give and type in the match-word INSPIRE, your donation will be matched by a corporate sponsor!
Second, these books can be used with multiple grades for multiple years. I chose popular titles so the kids would be interested in reading the books for years to come.

Any amount is appreciated.

Here's the link:


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