Friday, November 23, 2012

When a Heart Stops: A Review

This is the second book in the Deadly Reunion series, and it picks up right where the first one left off, continuing the mystery of where Jillian has been hiding and who is trying to find her while adding a chase to find a serial killer who seems to be after Serena, Jillian's friend and the town's medical examiner. With her childhood crush back in the picture, they must work together to keep Jillian's secret and their lives.

This book has an even faster pace than the first book in the series, and although I had a clue who the killer was, I was still surprised  by a few twists at the end. I love Serena's strength and compassion, especially towards the teenage girl who tries to escape a bad home environment  Dominic is the typical overprotective hero, but the childhood connection makes their relationship a little sweeter than the typical romance in a suspenseful thriller. 

What I really liked was the continued story of Jillian and how that mystery involved the current murder investigation. I think it's a clever way to tie the books together into a series instead of just having the characters in each book connected as friends. 

Fans of suspense who have time to sit and read the book in one sitting (because you won't want to put it down) will love the latest by Lynette Eason. Be sure to read the first book first, or you'll have a lot of questions, especially as the characters from book one are mentioned with little explanation of who they are.

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