Sunday, December 30, 2012

Canary Island Song: A Review

When Carolyn decides to take a trip the Canary Islands to visit her mom, she never thought she would run into Bryan Spencer, the man she fell for twenty-five years before during a summer visit. As circumstances throw them together, Carolyn begins to feel again, for the first time since her husband's death seven years before. With the Canary Island song bringing her healing, will it also bring her a second chance with Bryan?

I think I say it every time I read a Robin Jones Gunn book, but she is the master of weaving spiritual truths into character development. Carolyn blossoms like a slow summer night in this beautiful story of living again after devastating loss. Fans of RJG will enjoy reading about Todd's dad, seeing him as a man and not just Todd's dad. 

As she did in the Sisterchick series, RJG makes the island come alive in a way that makes it another character with its song, dance, and breath of life.

I enjoyed this book. Fans of Christian fiction will enjoy this leisurely escape. 

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Busy Bevers said...

Ohhh! I haven't read Christian fiction in a long time, but I want to read this! I always love RJG and love that she uses old characters like that.