Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lethal Legacy: A Review

Irene Hannon is amazing. She is quickly becoming my favorite Christian Romantic Suspense author, and the latest book about the Taylor siblings only adds to the reasons why.

When Kelly's father commits suicide, she can't believe it, especially when she receives a birthday gift he bought for her the day before he died. Determined to make the police open up the case, she finds Cole and begs him to look into it. All evidence points to a suicide until Kelly is attacked. Now the two have to work together to prove her father's death was  murder and keep Kelly safe.

As with the previous two books, Lethal Legacy is fast-paced and intense in the storyline. Although the killer is predicted early on and revealed halfway through the book, it's still a fun ride seeing how it all comes together. The characters are strong and likeable, and it's fun to see the characters from the previous books in many scenes.

Fans of Dee Henderson and romantic suspense in general will love this book (and the whole series). 


Dawn Janis said...

I can tell you're on spring break. :) Lots of reviews being posted.

I agree with you. Irene Hannon is fast becoming one of my favorite suspense authors.

Laura Jackson said...

LOL, yes, I should schedule them to spread it out. :)
I do really enjoy her work. I found this one on the back of my to-read book case. I had forgotten I had it. I really need to read multiple books a day to catch up.