Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Rancher Next Door: A Review

Although the premise is very similar to the author's last book (overprotective dad and a woman who helps him loosen up and be a real dad), I enjoyed this book because I really liked the characters. Brady and Caley are both interesting and well-developed, but the daughter Ava may be my favorite of the three.

The plot lags in the middle, but there was an great bull-on-the-loose scene at the beginning and a satisfying conclusion to even out the plot. I would have liked to see a little more of Caley in action on her job as a really know why she loved that career and to add a little action to the middle. I enjoy St. Amant's writing style and felt she captured the nuances characters and their professions perfectly.

Total side note...Caley doesn't really like Max, Brady's best friend and ranch hand. However, I found him intriguing and would love to see him get his own story. Hint, hint!

Overall, this is a sweet, enjoyable read, and fans of the Love Inspired books will want to check it out.

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