Friday, March 29, 2013

Wishing on Willows: A Review

I just loved Robin in Katie Ganshert's first book (Wildflowers from Winter), and I had high expectations for this book. It lived up to every one. 

It's been over four years since Robin's husband died, leaving her pregnant. In book one, she begins the long grieving process by building a cafe, a dream she and her husband had first thought of on their honeymoon. Now, the small town is struggling, and the mayor wants to build condos on the land where her cafe is....with the help of the charming Ian, the contractor who makes her feel things she hasn't felt in years. Will Robin have to give up her heart and soul's work to help the town? 

Although I know the author is happily married, she captures grief so well. I felt like I was in Robin's heart as she dealt with the loss of her husband and now the possible loss of her cafe. At first I was thrown off by the random chapters written in first person, giving glimpses into Robin's past, but after the second one, they were some of my favorite parts, like the character was letting us in on her secrets. I could go on and on about how much I like Robin. She's a beautifully layered character.

Ian is just as wonderful, and Ganshert does a great job humanizing the guy who has come to take away Robin's cafe. The secondary characters are fantastic, and it was nice to catch up with Bethany and Evan from book one. Amanda, Robin's roommate, is an intriguing character, and I hope we'll see a book about her soon.

Despite the hard events in the book...death, cancer, unfulfilled dreams....the book offers a glimmer of hope in Christ even you don't get what you thought you wanted.

I received this e-book in exchange for my review, but I also ordered my own copy too. It's that good. 

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