Saturday, June 22, 2013



Congrats to Michelle for winning Unrivaled.
This week, I'm giving away The House that Love Built. To enter to win, leave a comment about something you've built.
I'm a person who doesn't like putting things together. I don't have the patience to do things step-by-step. I'd rather pay someone to do it. Thankfully, my sister and my mom are two people who are good at following those directions and putting stuff together.
However, I did put together this little end table/night stand from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I was so proud!

I'll pick a winner next Saturday.
I can only ship to the US.

I'm SO SORRY for the past like month. I promise to mail the books this week. Promise. Forgive me.


Linda Marie Finn said...

I wold love to read this book by Beth Wiseman.

Linda Finn

Deb Forbes said...

I haven't built anything except if you count a sugar cube house when I was a kid. I do crochet and make things all the time if that counts

Michelle said...

I've built a few small things like bird houses and helped my dad. bookwormgal2011(at)yahoo(dot)com

Beth said...

Hmmm...I don't recall anything that I've built to be honest. Now, I've made things, like earrings...that's probably the closest I've gotten!

Thanks for the chance to win!


Cindi A said...

I built a saddle rack for a friend.


ihhcheryl said...

Oh dear, I am not much of a builder either...haha- do Legos count? I helped my nephew build a Star Wars Cruiser! :) Thanks for hosting the giveaway Laura!
Cheryl - ihhcheryl(at)comcast(dot)net

Anonymous said...

I've built anything but sand castles.

sonflower277 at gmail dot com